A Family Session in Downtown Gilbert

Downtown Gilbert is always one of my favorite backdrops for a family photography session and this time was no different!  I’ve known this momma and her babies for a little over a year and I was so thrilled when she asked me to photograph her beautiful family!  Johanna and her kids radiated during their session.

The evening started off as they normally do but it quickly turned into one of the most joyful sessions!  There are just so many memories from my time with them that I walked away carrying deep in my heart!  I usually remember at least one thing about every session, but there were so many things that made this session so unique.  Here are some of my favorite memories:

  1. Johanna’s kids had the most genuine smiles, ever!
  2. Bella made some of the best faces (as you’ll see below)
  3. Troy nailed his poses (on his own, every time)
  4. I loved how her kids loved each other
  5. I loved how her kids loved her
  6. They let me pause for an impromptu session with a group of high school students taking homecoming pictures (so FUN)
  7. Downtown Gilbert is one of my favorite places to be.  And smell.  (so much yummy food!) So naturally, Oregano’s for dinner, which is always a win!

Every hour I spend photographing families brings me joy in one form of another.  I know that probably sounds cliche to you, but it really is true.  I don’t say it because that’s what photographers are supposed to say.  I don’t say it in attempts to sound like I’m always a happy person (my children will tell you otherwise).  But, really, honestly, I love photography.  I love bringing a real smile to someone’s face.  I love it when they love themselves when they look at their pictures.  I love that I get to be the one to freeze time for them.  To make them feel like a family, to make them feel whole.





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