The Fiske Family | Desert Botanical Gardens

Desert Botanical Garden Family Session

There’s more to this photo than our fancy pants and runway make-up.  There’s more to this photo than the Desert Botanical Garden cactus garden glowing at golden hour.


Ten years ago I would never in a million years (let alone, only ten) have pictured myself married to someone so tall, bald and handsome such as Ryan Fiske…because I was married to someone else.

I’ve never felt so compelled to share my story so publicly as I do now.  I’ve always known that it was an experience that was meant to be shared with others in order to bring hope to what feels like a completely empty and hopeless season.  Before I dive into details (which will be shared throughout a few different blog posts) I want to share with you that healing does come.  Joy is restored.  Hope is found.

We’ve had our family photos taken before, this wasn’t the first time by any means, but there was something about this session, that made everything sink in for me.  If I wouldn’t have walked that long broken road of divorce, this photo wouldn’t exist.  No Desert Botanical Garden location.  No Pink Blush dress.  No tall, bald and handsome husband who adores me.  No blonde haired, blue-eyed boys who keep me swimming in Legos and coffee.

As I was going through that season in my life, there was one chapter in Psalm that became my chapter.  I went back to it over and over again, I read, I underlined, I hid the words in my heart.  You know those times where there is a verse or a phrase that speaks to a season of life you’re in and it becomes your motto, your mission statement?  Well this was mine.

The Israelites were heading out of captivity from the Babylonians and were heading towards Zion.  They were in that in between stage where they could still feel the effects of the bondage they had just incurred but at the same time, could look ahead and for the first time they could see their promised land.

Psalm 126:

When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion,
    we were like those who dreamed.
Our mouths were filled with laughter,
    our tongues with songs of joy.
Then it was said among the nations,
    “The Lord has done great things for them.”
The Lord has done great things for us,
    and we are filled with joy.

Restore our fortunes, Lord,
    like streams in the Negev.
Those who sow with tears
    will reap with songs of joy.
Those who go out weeping,
    carrying seed to sow,
will return with songs of joy,
    carrying sheaves with them.

I read this over and over again knowing full well that my tears of pain and sorrow would turn into tears of joy.  Slowly, people who watched me go through that time would comment and encourage me reminding me that God has done a mighty work in my life.

And now,

I can no longer just see my promise on the horizon.  I wake up next to him every morning.  I tuck them in bed every night.

No, these aren’t just family photos, they are a promise, fulfilled. 

Thank you Brenna Heater for our beautiful, priceless family session.

Desert Botanical Garden Family Session

Free “Gather” Printable

Okay, you know I love photography, but sometimes I love to pretend I’m a graphic designer. I love making little printables to put around my house for different seasons and this time, I wanted to share it with you, for free! I hope you enjoy this cute little gather printable.   Just print it out on cardstock and display wherever and however you want to!  Use the hashtag #mlprintable to share how you display yours! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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The Thompson Family | Mesa, Arizona Family Session

Mesa, Arizona Family Session


I met Donna through Amy and Jordan Demos only a few short months ago.  She and I live in the same area of Mesa so when we attended the live filming for their new business course, we became carpool buddies.  We talked for hours that week, 6 hours to be exact. (It’s a long drive to and from North Scottsdale!)  We talked about anything and everything from family to business.  To say the least, she and I became fast friends, having so much of our hearts in common.

Not long after we met, I received a message from her to do their family photos.  Is it cheesy to say that my heart leapt with joy? Because it did!

This past Saturday we met at a little gem hidden in north east Mesa.  I was finally able to put faces to the names and stories she told during our drive time.

They were just how I pictured them to be.  Passionate, driven and genuine.  But that’s not surprising considering who their momma is.  Both of her kids are really involved in athletics.  Her daughter went from gymnastics to now diving on the swim team (I love watching the videos her mom posts of her meets!)  Jared, plays college level baseball for a university here in town.  (It’s also true that he has killer dance moves.)  To say Donna loves her kids is an understatement.  She beams with pride every time she talks about them!  I think that’s one of the reasons why I admire her so much.

Her husband, Kevin, is on the city council here in Mesa.  And fun fact: He’s the representative of the district Ryan and I live in, making us love our neighborhood even more.  He’s very passionate about what he does.  He does it to make a difference.  He does it without an agenda.  He’s just a guy who wants what is best for his community.  Hearing his passion behind what he does and why he does it, definitely won our vote.

Kevin and Donna,

Ryan and I loved spending time with you all! Thank you for giving us a sweet glimpse into your life and sharing your passion for our community. Your family is absolute perfection!




Donjae | Boyce Thompson Arboretum Senior Session

Boyce Thompson Arboretum Senior Session

“Describe what you felt in one word.”

He stares at me, eyes twinkling, trying to describe what he felt in just one word.

“Okay, okay. Maybe not one word. Two, no, three words. Describe what you felt in three words.”

That was easy for him to do.

“Dream. Come. True.”


Since he was 10, Donjae dreamt of playing football for Stanford University. He played and fought hard and despite having an “off season” his sophomore year, he caught Stanford’s attention. After attending summer camps, pushing himself and with the support of his friends, family and coaches, Donjae received his verbal offer from Stanford at a weekend camp he attended right before school started his senior year.  What a way to start the school year!

What’s remarkable about Donjae, isn’t his ability to play football on a full ride at a Pac-12 school, it’s his attitude.  Does that sound cliche?  Because I’ve never been more sincere.  In the two hours we spent together at his senior session, which started at his high school and ended at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, it was made very apparent that Donjae is kind, genuine, patient, so very grateful and is one humble individual.  I know for certain, as a momma of boys myself, that he must have one proud mother!


I gotta be honest, I’m a little nervous about my boys growing up in the world that we live in.  But after spending just a small window of time with you and Brianna, I know that it’s possible to raise a modern day knight who fears the Lord.  You could easily take all the credit for your skills and abilities, but you don’t.  You publicly claim Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  Thank you for not only being an example for today’s generation but for a generation that will quickly follow in your footsteps.

You are driven, you are genuine and you are one classy guy.  Good luck at Stanford next year!  We can’t wait to watch you play!  #GoCards



Brianna | Boyce Thompson Arboretum Senior Session

Phoenix, Arizona Senior Session

Out in the middle of nowhere, nestled at the bottom of a little mountain, sits the Boyce Thompson Arboretum and it made the perfect backdrop for Brianna’s senior session.

Every year her family would get an annual pass and would spend their free time walking the trails, counting the butterflies and soaking up God’s beautiful creation. It wasn’t just beautiful location, it was sentimental.

Brie’s senior year is well underway and she describes it as “crazy” and “stressful” but even though there’s a lot going on and so much to decide, it doesn’t keep her from soaking up every minute of it. She is one driven young lady, heading to community college next year to pursue the nursing field, which I have no doubt she will dominate.


It was such a pleasure spending the morning with you, walking across football fields, down trails, and keeping the bugs away from Donjae. My favorite thing I learned about you was the story behind your elephant necklace. It left such an impression on me. Elephants are big, they are strong but they can be the gentlest animal when they need and want to be. I have no doubt that as you step out into the world that you will be each of those things and it won’t be just because you wear the reminder around your neck. It will be because it’s who God has made you to be. He made you strong, He made you gentle, He made you perfect.

I can’t wait to see Him establish the work of your hands.


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