Raegan’s Senior Session

Downtown Phoenix Senior Session


Downtown Phoenix is beautiful, but insert a beautiful senior like Raegan and it’s out of this world! This young lady is stunning and I’m pretty she is incapable of taking a bad photo.

I met Raegan and her parents during one of my family sessions last fall. They had come to Downtown Gilbert to take Homecoming photos but due to a small glitch, they weren’t able to. I couldn’t help myself and I asked the family that I was with if I could take a few pictures of them! I jumped right in and took photos of her and her friends and delivered them to her parent’s later that night. And, oh, am I so glad that I did otherwise I wouldn’t have had to opportunity to get to know this young lady and her family! Raegan is an outstanding young woman with a desire to become a lawyer and she’s starting her journey next year at my very own Alma Mater!

Raegan, you are such a beautiful young lady. The world is such a better place because of you. As you head to college next year, your smile, your beauty, who you are inside and out, is worth more than the rarest of rubies. I feel so honored to know you!


Coup de Tartes | Phoeniz, Arizona


Anytime a vintage flower truck is involved, you know it’s gonna be a good day.

I’ve passed by Coup de Tartes a few different times and was always captured by the charm of this little venue.  When I saw that this styled shoot was going to take place here, I was even more excited than before.  The tall trees and shrubs in the back create a private and secluded environment making it the perfect setting for intimate events.  On the back patio, a fireplace is set in one corner which as you can see makes this space even more unique.

Can we talk about this vintage floral truck?  The gals of The Local Stem can be found at Farmer’s Markets and are making their way into the wedding scene.  The truck is the cutest and made for some amazing wedding photos.  I always admire florist’s work.  I may have a creative gene, but it stops short at flowers.  I can’t for the life of me arrange a bouquet so anytime I see one I just can’t help get all excited.

The Confetti Studio did it again with her adorable place settings and furniture.  I don’t think there is a style she can’t beat.

Katie from Sift Bakehouse is extremely talented and I am blown away every time I see her work!  I feel so lucky I actually got to see it in person this time!

Suzanne’s Bridal and Celebrity Tux and Tails knock it out of the park every time with their selection they offer.  This dress was stunning on the bride!

Frou Frou Chic and The Family Joolz were styled with simply Lola Lee’s simply perfect invitations.  I love her the level of sophistication she brings to everything she does!

Flourish Handlettering was on point with her beautiful signs.  Not only was her calligraphy can’t-stop-staring-gorgeous, the fact that they it was on glass was simply stunning and added an element of high class sophistication.

It was so fun to watch Tara work her magic while she videoed the whole shoot!  I can’t wait to see her final video!

The was the first time I’ve shot an event that Desert Whim has styled and I am SO impressed with how everything turned out!

As a Phoenix Fashion Blogger, Bethsaira styled the wardrobes for the models and everyone looked so beautiful.  Vanessa did a great job on the girl’s hair!

It was so wonderful being able to capture the hard work and talents of all of these vendors along side so pretty fantastic photographers.  My group consisted of film photographers and I was in awe of how they worked and approached everything!  I absolutely cannot wait to see their work!

Jen, you did such an amazing job coordinating this shoot!  Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to work along side you!



Phoenix Blogger Shoot Out


I’ve been working with bloggers pretty consistently for well over a year now. Many of you probably don’t know this, but I actually started a blog back in 2014 called The Weathered Palate. I did everything from DIYs to food. I loved blogging, but what I found was that I just wasn’t good at it! I loved taking pictures of the projects and cooking…but that was about it! Now, I leave the blogging up to the bloggers and I just do what I do best, taking pictures.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bethanie from The Garcia Diaries since the beginning of 2016. She and I have known each other for what seems like forever, or at least since she was in Junior High! I know, right? It’s been so fun supporting her as she has grown her blog. It’s actually my favorite part about working with bloggers. I love supporting other mom’s who are working just as hard as I am at what they love. Not only is it an outlet for ourselves, it’s a way for us to support our families.

Espresso Ever After, Style Fit Fatty and Aubrey Kinch joined Bethanie for our first ever Blogger Shootout. I say, first, because we already have a second one planned! For this shoot, they collaborated with Pink Blush, Leotudes and Chrome Classic (a small shop here in Mesa!) I’d say the colors they chose went absolutely perfect with the Arizona desert.

To shop their looks and more, head to their blogs: The Garcia Diaries Espresso Ever After, Style Fit Fatty and Aubrey Kinch


To shop their looks and more, head to their blogs: The Garcia Diaries, Espresso Ever After, Style Fit Fatty and Aubrey Kinch

Roomie’s Senior Session


I know what you’re thinking…is that a ukulele?

Yes. Yes it is and boy did we have fun with it! Roomie played and sang as I snapped away and I couldn’t help but hum the harmony along with her!

As you can see Roomie’s session was incredible. For two hours we walked back and forth on Tempe’s famous Mill Avenue in search of the perfect locations for her session. It was an absolute delight spending the evening with her and her mom. By the end of the night, it felt like I had just spent the evening with friends, which is how I want every session I have to feel like! We even took a break towards the end and stopped for a Baked Bear ice cream sandwich that did not disappoint.

Roomie has a beautiful confidence about her. She loves life and I’m pretty sure life loves her too! In the fall, she’ll be heading to college to study music education where I know she’s going to make a big impact, because she won’t have it any other way. From the time we had together, which was not enough, I know that she will make waves. Congratulations Roomie, I can’t wait to see where life takes you!


Nicole’s Senior Session


When you’re the first person to graduate from college in your family, it’s a big deal. A really big deal. While we laughed and had a great time together, I knew that there was an emotion that was running deep inside of her. Even though she tried to remain calm when I had her put on her cap, everything started to become a reality for her. The coveted graduation cap no longer would sit on someone else’s shelf. It was now hers. I don’t know everything Nicole went through to get to this point, but I know she fought like crazy to get here. It was evident when the tears started to flow.

Nicole, you deserve the world. You’ve worked so hard to accomplish what you have! I wish you the best of luck as you step into a new career! I know you’ll shine wherever you go!