Stephanie + Mark | Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Session

Stephanie and Mark’s session in Scottsdale, Arizona is at the top of my favorite sessions for 2017!


At the beginning of 2017, I had one goal. To be published on a wedding blog. In order to do that, I set to work planning my very first styled shoot. As always, I jumped in with both feet and figuring everything out as I went.  As I was in search of vendors for this shoot, I reached out to our local creative community for referrals to some of their favorite vendors.  That’s when Stephanie entered the picture.

I was given a few names for some fabulous macaron artists (I say artists because making macs is a definite art!)  I reached out to one vendor and when I didn’t hear back after a few days, I tried another one.  After looking through Decadent Macaron’s website, I reached out to her.  It wasn’t just her fun website and great looking product that drew me in but one line of her website, “Do everything for the glory of God.”

In this creative industry it’s very, very easy to take credit for everything we do.  For the pictures we take, for the product or service we provide.  I put in the time.  I took that picture (not the expensive camera), I was published….the list of “I’s” can go on and on and on.

While I’m the one holding the camera in my hand, I know I’m not the one who put it there.  I didn’t give myself the desire, the drive.  I see where I’ve been and where I am now, and there’s no way I got here on my own.  I take the photos and am excited when I see the back of the camera because I see growth with each click of the shutter.  There’s only one reason I’m here, at this time and place.  It’s because He’s called me here.

I know when it comes to her business, Stephanie feels the same way.  It’s evident if you follow her on social media.  Since our first styled shoot together at the Royal Palms, we have both grown by leaps and bounds.  Watching her business grow to new limits has been amazing to watch from the sidelines.  I can’t even imagine how she must feel!

Stephanie and Mark,

I know this last year has been an insane time of growth for your business.  I truly feel like the best is yet to come for you two.  I see your hard work and I see where you’re placing your trust.  You haven’t built your business on the failing sand, but on a strong foundation, with Christ as the cornerstone.  With Jesus in your heart and macarons in your hand, you’ll be unstoppable.



Stephanie’s skirt was handmade by Emerge, Designs by Jen. Follow her on Instagram!
Make-up | The Sparkle Bar

Forster Family Session| Phoenix, Arizona

desert family session

To know and be known.

It’s a common saying when referring to community. All of us have a deep desire to live and love life with people who share our passions and beliefs. Our hopes and our dreams. The Forster Family session was one of those beautiful reminders of just how impactful community really is.

Without community, I would never have had the opportunity to meet this beautiful family. Sarah and I met in a photography Facebook group that’s just been one big cheering section.  We share in each other’s successes by seeing who can share the funniest GIF and encourage each other when we just don’t know how to handle certain situations.  The best part is the answers come from servant’s hearts.  They are people whose desire is to love and serve clients (that’s you!)  They’ve made me a better person, a better photographer and a better business owner.  I’ll forever be grateful for all of them!  Sarah is just a few months into her business, and oh MAN is she crazy good. Check out her IG here —> Sarah Forster Photography.

I think the pressure rises when you photograph a fellow photographer.  I’m usually the most nervous right before their sessions!  But Sarah, TJ and that little cutie Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald you guys…as if those eyes weren’t enough to melt your heart) were a dream.  I’m not just talking about their spot on styling and their pretty smiles.  That’s the part you get to see.  What I get to see behind the scenes sends this family session straight into the “dream zone”.

As a parent, and former teacher (that part of me will never go away), I love watching parents parent their children.  Throughout the entire session both Sarah and TJ were so very present with Fitzgerald.  At 20 months old, life can get rough, especially with a crazy lady waving a minion and little snake in front of her camera.  They were both so very patient and gave little Fitzgerald just what he needed, when he needed it.  Whether it was snuggling up with mom or watching Thomas the Train with dad (thank you modern technology), shouting and cheering when he sat down on a stool by himself (be still my  heart), it’s very evident that these are two very involved parents and he is one loved little boy.

Thank you Sarah and TJ for showing the world what it’s like to be loving parents.  For putting your kiddos first.  I know that it probably seems normal to you, but I promise your ordinary is someone else’s extraordinary.



The Bregger Family | Bella Via

Family Session


Starbucks is usually where most of the magic in this world happens. Countless conversations that have taken place inside their walls have blossomed into business ventures and lasting friendships.

And in the case of Kim and I? Both.

As she was nearing the end of her time working for corporate America, she was searching for what she could do from home. Knowing that I am a photographer and content creator for big blogs, she reached out asking how to get started. As I talked, she wrote down everything she could

I remember feeling absolutely humbled when I walked away from that Starbucks. There I was, just doing what I was doing to help provide for my family (and have fun doing it) not realizing the impact I was having on someone else. Kim (and Jordan) have jumped in with both feet into the world of content creating and watching their passions collide into one crazy, blessed adventure has been inspiring.

I know there are going to be days when you’re pushing the boulder so hard up the hill and it’s might feel like you’re not going anywhere. Keep pushing! You never know when the top of the hill is going to appear…and then you won’t be able to keep up!



Goetzfried Family Session | Lost Dutchman State Park

Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session

Lost Dutchman State Park is becoming one of the most requested locations for photography sessions and it was no different for Bri, her son Landon and of course Leia, her sweet golden retriever.

As you can see, Landon has a sweet smile that is so contagious. And as you can imagine, he’s as goofy as any other six-year old boy you’ll meet.

Our session started at the beautiful desired golden hour and ended as the sunset behind the mountains along the western horizon. There is something that is indescribably magical about the desert at sunset.  Growing up in the flat plains of midwest, I would sing the line “purple mountains majesty” from one of my favorite songs, not having a clue just how majestic those mountains really are.

When I first moved to Arizona, it was hard for me to wrap my mind around how in the world the desert could be beautiful. But the longer I have lived here and the longer I have been behind the camera, traveling to various locations the more I’m sure that the desert is one of the most beautiful places to be.

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Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Lost Dutchman Family Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session

The Fiske Family | Desert Botanical Gardens

Desert Botanical Garden Family Session

There’s more to this photo than our fancy pants and runway make-up.  There’s more to this photo than the Desert Botanical Garden cactus garden glowing at golden hour.


Ten years ago I would never in a million years (let alone, only ten) have pictured myself married to someone so tall, bald and handsome such as Ryan Fiske…because I was married to someone else.

I’ve never felt so compelled to share my story so publicly as I do now.  I’ve always known that it was an experience that was meant to be shared with others in order to bring hope to what feels like a completely empty and hopeless season.  Before I dive into details (which will be shared throughout a few different blog posts) I want to share with you that healing does come.  Joy is restored.  Hope is found.

We’ve had our family photos taken before, this wasn’t the first time by any means, but there was something about this session, that made everything sink in for me.  If I wouldn’t have walked that long broken road of divorce, this photo wouldn’t exist.  No Desert Botanical Garden location.  No Pink Blush dress.  No tall, bald and handsome husband who adores me.  No blonde haired, blue-eyed boys who keep me swimming in Legos and coffee.

As I was going through that season in my life, there was one chapter in Psalm that became my chapter.  I went back to it over and over again, I read, I underlined, I hid the words in my heart.  You know those times where there is a verse or a phrase that speaks to a season of life you’re in and it becomes your motto, your mission statement?  Well this was mine.

The Israelites were heading out of captivity from the Babylonians and were heading towards Zion.  They were in that in between stage where they could still feel the effects of the bondage they had just incurred but at the same time, could look ahead and for the first time they could see their promised land.

Psalm 126:

When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion,
    we were like those who dreamed.
Our mouths were filled with laughter,
    our tongues with songs of joy.
Then it was said among the nations,
    “The Lord has done great things for them.”
The Lord has done great things for us,
    and we are filled with joy.

Restore our fortunes, Lord,
    like streams in the Negev.
Those who sow with tears
    will reap with songs of joy.
Those who go out weeping,
    carrying seed to sow,
will return with songs of joy,
    carrying sheaves with them.

I read this over and over again knowing full well that my tears of pain and sorrow would turn into tears of joy.  Slowly, people who watched me go through that time would comment and encourage me reminding me that God has done a mighty work in my life.

And now,

I can no longer just see my promise on the horizon.  I wake up next to him every morning.  I tuck them in bed every night.

No, these aren’t just family photos, they are a promise, fulfilled. 

Thank you Brenna Heater for our beautiful, priceless family session.

Desert Botanical Garden Family Session