My Sister’s Wedding: Antique Wedding House

There wasn’t a doubt about it.  My sister knew exactly who she wanted to put the finishing touches on her before she walked down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams.  Dad.

My mom spent months working on the meticulous details of her hand sewn custom wedding veil.  She has always been a talented seamstress, sewing us culottes and shirts with buttons on the shoulder.  Hot pink, if I remember right.  But this was far more intricate, and special, than a pair of summer shorts.  This was the wedding veil.  My sister’s wedding veil.  She tried on veil after veil in the store, never finding quite what she wanted so she of course turned to mom for help who was more than happy to be apart of such an incredibly precious day.  She set to work, stringing the pearls and beads by hand and perfectly placing them around the bottom of the veil, just as she had wanted.

Then the day came for her to wear the veil.  We had spent the morning at my house getting ready, 6 of us crammed into the master bedroom where the air became thick with excitement at the evening that laid ahead.  I went back and forth from being hostess to Matron of Honor to photographer, making sure to capture every detail as the day sped by.  We arrived at the Antique Wedding House with plenty of time to dress the bride in her stunning heart-shaped gown.  And just before it was time to take pictures, dad arrived to see his oldest daughter adorned from head to toe.  And she was beautiful. Dad always had a way about doing things perfectly.  Not that mom didn’t, but there were somethings that we wanted dad to do.  Like pony tails.  Remember those pony tails back in 1993 that had to be perfectly tight and absolutely NO BUMPS?  We would bring our hair brush to church and he would tightly comb our hair back, bringing our eyebrows with it.  He painted our nails Wildcat colors for Spirit week and cheered us on no matter what we were involved in.  And her wedding was no different.  After mom helped her into her dress and fasten her corset, we handed him the veil and he perfectly placed it in her hair and draped it around shoulders.  A moment that I will never forget.



Venue | Antique Wedding House, Mesa, Arizona

Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal

Make-up | Victoria Capp

Hair | Deann