Kristen’s Wildflower Session


When Kristen saw my post for Wildflower Mini sessions, I got an inquiry from her almost immediately.  Her sweet boy Lightning is 15 years old now and in the last few weeks, has started having problems walking.  The vets can’t seem to figure out the exact cause but it seems to stem from neurological issues.  His poor front legs are so stiff which has made life hard on both him and Kristen.

A devoted animal lover, Kristen wanted pictures with her sweet boy before his condition worsened.  This session was more than just photos of herself.  We created memories for her to be able to hold near and dear to her heart of her sweet boy Lightning.

Royal Palms Styled Shoot | Phoenix, Arizona

Royal Palms Styled Shoot

Even though the forecast said rain, I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t rain.  But as the vendors started to come, so did the drops of water.  Both the vendors and the staff at the Royal Palms helped us make a run for it and bring everything inside.  All the while, I kept reminding myself that it was going to turn out even better than I had expected.  While I had dreamed about the table in the middle of the Orange Grove, the salon complimented the style of the shoot perfectly.

The photographers who came were champs and produced amazing work despite the turn of events.  There were 16 photographers with 16 different styles.  Some were dark and moody while others were bright and airy but all of them were just perfect.  It’s one of the reasons I love styled shoots so much.  It’s a chance for you to learn from your peers and refine your skill in a controlled (ha, well somewhat controlled) environment.

The vendors we worked with were out of this world.

I love how Tara from The Confetti Studio started out just by simply collecting cake stands.  And now you can find her at the finest venues in Phoenix displaying her collection!
The girls from Prim have a selection of furniture that creates endless possibilities!  I can’t wait to use their pieces in my next shoot!
Heather from Sugar Lane Bakery is one talented little lady.  When she’s not making, baking and doing dishes, she teaches workshops and supports small shops!
Geri Pearson is extremely reliable and is so easy to work with.  I can’t tell you what a huge blessing it was having such gorgeous pieces from Chloe + Isabel!
Celebrity Tux and Tails made it all the way from Glendale to fit our groom.  Measurements over the phone just wouldn’t do.  The tux they provided for Jonathan was first class.
Brilliant Bridal treated us like we were brides ourselves.  They had dresses picked out upon our arrival and even had a play area for my boys to play in.  Kelsey was there the whole time during the shoot making sure the dress stayed in pristine condition!
Dortha from Set the Mood Floral  I don’t think there’s another way to describe it.  The lush florals were spot on.
And can we talk about Jenna Davis for a minute?  That Welcome sign?  One of my favorites!!  With the florals on top, I just about died.
Kaydee from Smoregasboard is probably the sweetest.  And no pun intended.  She and I met beforehand and she custom tailored her smores bar to fit the style of our shoot.  Who would have thought a smores bar could be so high end!
Stephanie from Decadent Macaron seriously makes some decadent macarons!  I may have even seen some cookie dough macarons coming up soon…but if you can’t wait until your next event to have her goods, then go get some at Sweetz Cold Brew in Gilbert.
Cristina Diaz did Janelle’s hair and make-up and she nailed the light and delicate look on her!  While she met us on site, she has her own salon in Gilbert!
Jonathan and Janelle were AMAZING models.  Their love and cuteness just radiated through the whole afternoon.
And Sari?  Well Sari is amazing.  No really.  I was probably crazy a few times.  But she let me be.  And then she’d ever so gently, bring me back around to reality.  When she’s not working on styled shoots, you can find her at the Elegant Barn.
Ashley Haxby was a great sounding board.  She gave ideas and opinions like nobodies business.  She’s a great decision maker and I was happy to have her in my corner the day of the shoot!

This list wouldn’t be complete without a huge cudos to the Royal Palms.  It’s by far one of my new favorite places.  Nestled at the base of Camelback Mountain in the heart of Arcadia, the hallways, venues and fountains create a little world all of it’s own that you’ll never want to leave.  I worked with Emily on this shoot and was absolutely amazing.  Because of the rain, she helped us secure a last minute venue in which the entire staff was extremely patient and accommodating.  The next time I go back, it will be to stay in one of their luxurious rooms and to dine at T. Cook’s.  If you’ve never been to the Royal Palms, add it to the top of your list.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for making this shoot such a beautiful success!

This shoot was featured on Wedding Colors in March and will be on Borrowed and Blue in May!


The Perkins Family | Mesa, Arizona

Perkins Family


My husband was watching the Perkin’s Family highlight video with me right before they came over for their gallery reveal and he said, “wow, you really got them laughing!”

“Oh, no!” I said. “That was all them!”

On their questionnaire, the Perkins family said they love to laugh together. I thought, oh that’s so sweet! Oh, little did I know…the laughter, the joking, the smiles did not stop the entire time. This is a family who genuinely loves being together.

I think it was the other way around, they actually got me laughing and it was so good for my soul!

Felicia’s parents, BJ and Oscar, are retired missionaries and are celebrating their sixty-fifth wedding anniversary this year. I am so amazed when I hear about people being married that long…and to think that Ryan and I have fifty-nine more years before we get to that point. Fifty-nine years of ups, downs, victories and defeats, sickness and health. Thinking that far into the future makes me slow down and appreciate what we have today, which is not easy for me to do. I find it easier to think two steps ahead than about the hear and now. But the thought of being married for sixty-five years and all the life that could happen between now and then causes me to focus on today. And you know what? I’m okay with that!

Congratulations BJ & Oscar!


Desert Wildflower Mini Sessions

wildflower mini sessions


Anyone who knows the desert knows how magical it can be. Right now Arizona is lit up in color as the recent rains and warmer temperatures have worked it’s magic on the landscape. I know you Northerners are thinking…”color, in the desert?” That’s right my friend, more than you can even know. And don’t get me started on how yummy the blossoms smell! The fragrant air make opening up windows an absolute must.

To celebrate the new year, the new season of growth, I’m offering up TWO days of Mini Sessions in the desert wildflowers! The evening of March 26 or the morning of April 1.

What’s included?

-Style Guide
-15 minutes
-15 images in an online gallery
-2 5×7 prints ($80 value)

And only $200. Head to my contact page to book.