Salt River Engagement Session

As soon as we scheduled this session at the Salt River I started praying that we would see the wild horses.  If you’ve never been to the Salt River before, I advise you to put your devices down, unplug and go.  What you will find will take your breath away.  This was my first time going “down to the river” (aside from 1 float trip) since I moved to Arizona in 2003.  That’s 12 years I went without having this experience as a part of my life, and it was 12 years too many.  Before Power Road starts gradually winding down, it comes to a peak between two small mountains, right near the dam and my response is the same every single time.  God.  You.  Are.  Good.  To see the rolling dessert, majestic purple mountains and the winding river spread in front of me is a reminder of the goodness of God.  Of His grace and mercy.  That even when we’re in the desert, there is beauty to be found.  And it’s indescribable.

Shane and Jinnae’s session was the very definition of perfect.  We caught the sun at just the right time, the location wasn’t crowded and the horses were right there waiting for us, just as I had prayed!  We hiked up and down the river bank through narrow paths, dodging tree branches, anxiously waiting the time that the sun set gently behind Red Mountain.  And then, as if on cue, the desert lit up.  Purples, pinks, greens.  Even gray sparkles in the desert at dusk.

Shane and Jinnae, I couldn’t be happier for you!  I’m so honored to be a part of your day.  I love your story how you were dancing partners first and your love for each other has since grown into a lifelong friendship and commitment to one another.  I pray that God blesses you two in countless ways.  Cherish these days as you’re counting down to the!



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