Kate Spade Inspired Lunchbox Bridal Shower

The Bridal Shower.  No pressure there!  Creating a morning that would reflect the beautiful wedding to come was an honor.  Is that why they call it Matron of Honor?  Probably.  As I scrolled through pin after pin looking for the perfect inspiration, there was one thing I knew this day had to be.  Perfect.  Because my sister deserves the best.  She is so thoughtful and loving and has poured her heart into others for so long that it was her turn to be pampered and spoiled.  I always tell her that she’s the favorite cousin.  Don’t laugh, it’s true!  All the cousins can talk to her like she’s their best friend.  She’ll acknowledge them in their situation and give straight forward knock-you-up-side-the-head advice that only she, as the oldest female cousin, can do.  Am I right family?  I’m right.  I know I am (that’s why I have the reputation of a know-it-all).

Our family has such an incredible bond.  While most cousins drift apart after years of living in different states and countries, we have always maintained unbreakable relationships.  Even when we’re doing something we shouldn’t be (not to name any names or anything, #guilty, #weveallbeenthere).  It’s our deep spiritual roots that always pulled us back together and bring us right back to where we know we’re supposed to be.

A few years ago, my sister made a bold and brave decision to step outside of her comfort zone.  She tearfully and prayerfully considered attending a singles group at another local church.  She’s a shy and quiet person by nature so branching out on her own was a big deal.  I think for her it was even more of a bold action because she knew that with this step, change would come.  Would it be good or bad?  She didn’t know and it terrified her.  You know the feeling.  But she followed God’s prompting and after a few months of attending this group, she befriended a guy who was funny, outgoing, a hard worker and loved the Lord.  Then the next thing we knew he was driving her all the way into Phoenix to have her car fixed by a mechanic friend of his.  Umm…who does that?  Future husbands do that.  Over a year later, she married him.  The man of her dreams.

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Cake: Sugarlane Bakery

Take-out Boxes: PaperMart #4 8-3/4X6-7/16X3-1/2

8-ounce Containers with lids (sold separately): PaperMart

Chocolate Diamonds: Inspired from The Pink Cake Plate

Raspberry Punch: Recipe from Liz on Call

Chicken and Potato Salad: Wildflower Cafe

Croissant and muffin: Sam’s club

Chocolate Diamonds: Mold and melting discs from Hobby Lobby, boxes from ClearBags.com

Giant Balloon: Hobby Lobby

Invitations: Designed by me, printed by Staples


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