Stephanie + Mark | Scottsdale, Arizona

Stephanie and Mark’s session in Scottsdale, Arizona is at the top of my favorite sessions for 2017!


At the beginning of 2017, I had one goal. To be published on a wedding blog. In order to do that, I set to work planning my very first styled shoot. As always, I jumped in with both feet and figuring everything out as I went.  As I was in search of vendors for this shoot, I reached out to our local creative community for referrals to some of their favorite vendors.  That’s when Stephanie entered the picture.

I was given a few names for some fabulous macaron artists (I say artists because making macs is a definite art!)  I reached out to one vendor and when I didn’t hear back after a few days, I tried another one.  After looking through Decadent Macaron’s website, I reached out to her.  It wasn’t just her fun website and great looking product that drew me in but one line of her website, “Do everything for the glory of God.”

In this creative industry it’s very, very easy to take credit for everything we do.  For the pictures we take, for the product or service we provide.  I put in the time.  I took that picture (not the expensive camera), I was published….the list of “I’s” can go on and on and on.

While I’m the one holding the camera in my hand, I know I’m not the one who put it there.  I didn’t give myself the desire, the drive.  I see where I’ve been and where I am now, and there’s no way I got here on my own.  I take the photos and am excited when I see the back of the camera because I see growth with each click of the shutter.  There’s only one reason I’m here, at this time and place.  It’s because He’s called me here.

I know when it comes to her business, Stephanie feels the same way.  It’s evident if you follow her on social media.  Since our first styled shoot together at the Royal Palms, we have both grown by leaps and bounds.  Watching her business grow to new limits has been amazing to watch from the sidelines.  I can’t even imagine how she must feel!

Stephanie and Mark,

I know this last year has been an insane time of growth for your business.  I truly feel like the best is yet to come for you two.  I see your hard work and I see where you’re placing your trust.  You haven’t built your business on the failing sand, but on a strong foundation, with Christ as the cornerstone.  With Jesus in your heart and macarons in your hand, you’ll be unstoppable.



Stephanie’s skirt was handmade by Emerge, Designs by Jen. Follow her on Instagram!
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