Shelby Lung: Scottsdale, Arizona Cosmetologist

Shelby Lung

I first met Shelby when she was in Junior High!  Believe it or not, I had the privilege of coaching her and her sister in volleyball.  They are the sweetest girls with a passion for life.  I can’t believe that Shelby is already 20, has had a modeling career, graduated cosmetology school and is now working at a salon in Old Town Scottsdale.

Shelby and I have partnered together to bring photography clients the ultimate experience.  While hair and makeup is not a part of my standard packages, I am giving clients the opportunity to buy her services al a carte.  Shelby will also pop in here and there on my blog to give clients tips on how to wear their hair and makeup for their session!

So take a moment, read Shelby’s bio and get to know her!

Hi! I’m Shelby! My passion for hair and makeup began at a very early age. I remember doing my cousin’s hair for family outings and playing with my friend’s hair during school. I always admired the creativity and uniqueness behind hair styling and makeup artistry in the everyday world.
When I was in high school I started modeling professionally. I was traveling a lot for photo shoots, and training sessions, and events all over the Unites States. I continued to model here and there after high school for photo shoots and hair shows, but during this journey I really fell in love with the behind the scenes work of the high fashion industry.
Having a background in modeling I have developed a passion for hair styling and expression through makeup. My philosophy with makeup is to keep the integrity of your natural beauty and enhance it!
After completing cosmetology school and going to work in a salon I wanted to be able to continue to express my passion, and love that I get to do that on a daily basis now as a career and through photography. Whether you’re walking the runway or it’s the big day; creating a style for your occasion is my specialty!

Shelby LungShelby Lung


Welcome Packets

One of the upgrades I made with my rebranding is a Welcome Packet.  The last few years, I’ve played email tag with clients trying to figure out locations, what to wear and when they will receive their pictures.  I’ve put all of my most frequently asked questions into a packet to send to all of my clients, both returning and new.  If you’re a photographer looking for inspiration, I’ve listed where I purchased each piece at the end!

In the black linen folder, you’ll find 5 inserts: What to Wear, What to Expect, Print Release, Locations and an Appointment Card.  You’ll also find my business card and a hand written note to each of my clients.

What to Wear, What to Expect and the Print Release are all pretty self explanatory.  To help me not to forget to send the Print Release to clients with their photos, I just decided to add it in with everything else so they have a physical copy already with them.

For Locations, I listed 5 places that are my absolute favorite.  I know and trust the lighting and have my favorite spots already picked out.  Sometimes there are so many options, that it’s hard to pick so giving clients a short list to choose from help boost their confidence when making their decision.  They always say, “I don’t know, you’re the photographer!” So I educate them to make the best choice.

I added an appointment card so clients will have something tangible of mine that they will want and need to keep.   Of course, most will write it down on their calendar as soon as you confirm the date, but on the off chance that they don’t I’ve provided them with something to help remind them of when their session is.  It’s all about the details.





Black Folders: Paper Presentation

White Envelopes: Paper Presentation

Inserts: Designed and printed by me

Stationary: Tiny Prints (I also purchased matching address labels and polka dot envelope liners)

Luxe Square Business Cards: Moo

Custom Logo Stamp: Fall For Design