1956 Thunderbird

I have always loved cars.  I think my love for them started when my dad used to bring home “Big Red” from work.  It was a work truck that he often used and boy did we have fun riding around town in it!  Saturdays were dump days and we’d always head to Larry’s House of Cakes for donuts and orange juice on the way.  The simple pleasure of small town life.  Dump and Donuts.

When I sat down with Matt Dallas of Life on the Lakes, he asked me what my favorite thing to photograph was.  I can’t tell you what a hard time I had answering.  It’s possible he thought I was crazy.  I love photography and, yes, over the past few years I’ve come to discover that I enjoy photographing more things than others.  But I still couldn’t give a straight answer!

Then he asked me, do you like cars?  I think I lit up brighter than the sun.  Uh, yes, I love cars!  It didn’t take long to decide what it would be that I would photograph for the publication.

The thing that I love most, about everything, are the details.  It’s the details that you put so much time and money into.  The details come together to make one spectacular presentation whether it’s a car, wedding or house.  The details are what I love focusing on.  No pun intended! (Okay, maybe it was).

This is a 1956 Thunderbird that had one previous owner and the details are spectacular!  Chrome that sparkles, paint that shines and interior that looks and feels just like a 1956 Thunderbird should.  The car is so beautiful and the owners were some of the sweetest people I’ve met!

I can’t wait to show you more cars in the weeks and months to come!


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