4 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs Professional Photography

Photography is an investment. 

I had a conversation with a restaurant manager who told me how he uses his cell phone to take pictures of the food.  I’m not gonna lie, I died a little bit.  Not only am I a photographer, but I’m a foodie!  I think the two uniquely intertwine together.  I have such a respect for good quality restaurants with good quality food.  My respect for it drives my inspiration to make it look good too.  The restaurant itself is beautiful and unfortunately, iPhone pictures just don’t do it justice!

We live in a photo driven era with Pinterest and Instagram that drive business.  And they can make or break your business depending on how successful you are with them.  If the pin isn’t pretty, you won’t pin it.  No matter how good the recipe is.  Actually, you’ll never know how good it is because you keep scrolling!  The very foundation of Instagram is images.  People follow profiles who have ascetically pleasing feeds.  If they aren’t consistent, you’re less likely to draw a crowd. 

When I hear about a new restaurant, the first place I go to look them up is Instagram.  And my decision on whether or not I go?  The pictures.  You can have a great logo and great food but people won’t know that by your logo.  And they certainly will not know that by the pictures you take with your iPhone.

When realtors sell houses overnight it’s because the buyers were drawn to the house in the first place by the pictures.  That cell phone flash in the bathroom mirror doesn’t sell.

Good photography sells.  Plain and simple.

All business owners lay awake at night going over all the details.  What the decor will look like, the logo, the menu, the silverware, napkins, drinks, products…am I making you hyperventilate?  My point is this… don’t let all those nights you’ve laid awake mulling over every detail go to waste by using your cell phone to capture them.

To show you the difference side by side, I took pictures of a recipe I was working on with both my iPhone 6 and my DSLR.  I think the pictures explain it all.  If you need more convincing, here are 4 reasons why you need to invest in photography for your business!

  1. Images are higher quality.  It’s just plain and simple.  My $2500 camera and $800 lens are going to take better pictures than your $500 iPhone.
  2. We know how to handle low light settings, white balance issues and how to process photos which means you won’t end up with grainy, blue pictures.
  3. We can touch up any styling flaws.  Notice the difference in the squash in the first photo?  Or the smudge of soup on the bowl in the second picture?
  4. You’ll create a brand for yourself by the images you share.  People will know your food by your images.  Better make them good!

Photography is an investment!  

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If you’re interested in food photography for your business, contact me!!

Recipe coming soon to Mom the Brave!