Riparian Preserve Family Session

Riparian Preserve

If you’ve never been to the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert you may want to add it to your list of places to visit!  As you can see below, it’s mix of desert landscape from cactus to trees, butterfly and bee gardens, paths covered in trees and beautiful flowers!  The constant comings and goings of families dressed in their best and photographers strapped with gear is a clear indication that it is a must see hot spot!

Megan and her sweet girls met me at the Riparian Preserve for their family session.  I love watching other moms, especially Megan, with their little ones.  She was so attentive to her girls, speaking patiently with them as we walked the Riparian’s dusty paths to find the perfect spot.  I’ve got two rowdy little boys and let’s just say some days, most days, are full of adventures and testing of patience.

Watching Megan with her two beauties reminded me of something.  Some days I can be really selfish, and today was no different.  I just needed to do one more thing and then I could play…just one more thing and we could play later…and the next thing I knew later had come and gone and all I did was just find one more thing to do in order to avoid doing the one thing that mattered the most.  I don’t think I can tell you what one thing Megan did or said during our session at Riparian Preserve that led me to realize I need to slow down.  Maybe it was the pace of the session, or the sweetness of her girls but whatever it was, I left a little different than when I came.


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