Dear Husband, Whoever You Are

A few weeks ago, I shared a little bit about my story and this week, I’m taking you back to the very beginning.  Please know, this is a story of hope, not of pain. I’m not writing this series as a means to bash anyone.  You won’t hear details of what happened.  That’s in the past.  What you will hear about is my story.

Back when everything was happening, God began to give me a new hope, a new desire.  He began to give me a glimpse of what my future husband would be like.  So, I began to write him letters.  I’ve kept every single one of them as a reminder of his goodness and that is faithful to fulfill his promises. 

I hope that whoever reads this series walks away knowing that there is in fact hope.  Healing may not come in the way we expect it or the way people tell us it should.  But it’ll come.  I promise.  He is faithful.


The room was dark, the stage illuminated.  The band was playing a Hillsong United favorite.

Some were standing on their chairs, others were jumping up at the front.  Others, stood, hands in pockets.  This was youth group.

But I wasn’t doing any of those things that night.  I was sitting, writing because that’s what I had been prompted to do.  “Sit down and start writing”.

So I did.

I wrote the lyrics to the song playing,

Your mercy found me, upon the broken road and lifted me beyond my failing….

I’ll throw my life upon all you are.  Cause I know you gave it all for me. 

When all else fades my soul will dance with you,

Where the love lasts forever. 

And then it was as if everything else had been blocked out, the music faded, the people who stood around me became blurs…and God began to speak.

I will bring restoration. 

I am the God of all. 

Melodee, know what that means.  I am God of all.

I am the God of restoration, peace, reconciliation, healing. 


That night, God spoke to me in a way I’ll never forget.  I’ve grown up in church, grown up knowing who he is.  He’s God.  Of course I knew that.

But that night, it was different.  He wanted me to walk away knowing full well that he is I AM.  He is all things to all people.

After those few brief moments, that felt like time stood still, I was sure that God had spoken those words to me to give to someone else.  I said, “okay God, show me who it’s for and I will humbly deliver this message.”

A few weeks went by and I saved the paper, but he never revealed to me who it was for.  Maybe I made it all up. I started to doubt.

And then after being married only six months,

the first tiny lie came to light.

And then I knew,

those words were meant for me.