Downtown Gilbert Maternity Session

Abby has been my friend through thick and thin. She’s been a shoulder to cry on and my voice of reason at times when I needed someone to shake me and say what needed to be said. And I love her for it. We first met when we were in college at NAU.  We were both Elementary Education majors and attended the same church.  But it wasn’t until our last semester that we had really connected.  Once we graduated, we moved back to the Valley within a few miles of each other.  If you’ve ever been a teacher, or met one, you know we have lots of stories to share.  So, just be prepared when you ask a teacher how their year is going.  They will go down the list and talk about each of the kids in their class like they were their own.  That’s exactly how Abby was with her classes.  She put everything she had into her students to equip them with what they needed to be successful.  I admire her so much!

Fast forward 7 years, we have entered and left teaching, have both gotten married, had kids within a few months of each other, bought and sold houses and have been the first to share secrets with each other.  I’ve photographed each of her pregnancies but there was something about this one that was just. so. special. Maybe it’s the fact that she was giving birth to her daughter Maggie, or maybe she’s just really good at being pregnant. Or both.  Probably both.  But I loved every minute of this photography session in Downtown Gilbert. The colors. The location and the people were just perfect.  The blank white walls, mingled with brick and mortar, Edison string lights and countless opportunities for the perfectly framed shot leave DT Gilbert as one of my top favorite locations.