Steve + Jodi’s Desert Botanical Garden Engagement Session | Phoenix, Arizona

Desert Botanical Garden Engagement Session

The sun had gone down so we wrapped up their engagement session and started the trek back towards the entrance of the Desert Botanical Garden. As we were walking, we of course started talking about the wedding and what were going to be the most important parts of the day for them.  She mentioned one thing that brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat.


We spend years playing at their feet, listening to their stories, learning everything we possibly can.

We learn to cook like (or not like) them.

We want to be like them.

They are such a big part of who we are.

Jodi’s grandparents will be married for seventy years when they make an appearance at their wedding in March.


Can you imagine the life lived? The life loved and lost? The seasons navigated? The memories made? The wisdom gained?

Legacies are beautiful because they aren’t just about one person.   Legacies are passed down from generation to generation and everyone, both families together and as individuals, contribute to make them even more valuable. Even more priceless.

I think legacies are incredible gifts, yes.  But I think they are more than that.  They are something that we are entrusted with.  We have the ability to add to them and take away.

To whomever is reading this right now,

I hope that you choose to add value to your legacy.  I hope that as you enter in and out of your own seasons of life that you always remember you’re apart of a bigger picture.  There is a generation that will soon follow in your footsteps, so make your steps count.

Steve and Jodi,

I love so much the few stories you’ve shared with me.  Just walking through the Desert Botanical Garden for your engagement session was enough for me to know that you two are incredibly blessed.  Who you are and what you do is bigger than you realize.  I’m so excited for your wedding in March and even more excited to capture the beginning of something so beautiful.  The best is yet to come.