Raegan’s Senior Session

Downtown Phoenix Senior Session


Downtown Phoenix is beautiful, but insert a beautiful senior like Raegan and it’s out of this world! This young lady is stunning and I’m pretty she is incapable of taking a bad photo.

I met Raegan and her parents during one of my family sessions last fall. They had come to Downtown Gilbert to take Homecoming photos but due to a small glitch, they weren’t able to. I couldn’t help myself and I asked the family that I was with if I could take a few pictures of them! I jumped right in and took photos of her and her friends and delivered them to her parent’s later that night. And, oh, am I so glad that I did otherwise I wouldn’t have had to opportunity to get to know this young lady and her family! Raegan is an outstanding young woman with a desire to become a lawyer and she’s starting her journey next year at my very own Alma Mater!

Raegan, you are such a beautiful young lady. The world is such a better place because of you. As you head to college next year, your smile, your beauty, who you are inside and out, is worth more than the rarest of rubies. I feel so honored to know you!