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Starbucks is usually where most of the magic in this world happens. Countless conversations that have taken place inside their walls have blossomed into business ventures and lasting friendships.

And in the case of Kim and I? Both.

As she was nearing the end of her time working for corporate America, she was searching for what she could do from home. Knowing that I am a photographer and content creator for big blogs, she reached out asking how to get started. As I talked, she wrote down everything she could

I remember feeling absolutely humbled when I walked away from that Starbucks. There I was, just doing what I was doing to help provide for my family (and have fun doing it) not realizing the impact I was having on someone else. Kim (and Jordan) have jumped in with both feet into the world of content creating and watching their passions collide into one crazy, blessed adventure has been inspiring.

I know there are going to be days when you’re pushing the boulder so hard up the hill and it’s might feel like you’re not going anywhere. Keep pushing! You never know when the top of the hill is going to appear…and then you won’t be able to keep up!



Fajen | Bella Via Family Session

Bella Via Family Session

This fall is getting away from me so quickly! Each weekend seems to get crazier and crazier as the holidays approach! Despite all the craziness, I just couldn’t let this beautiful Bella Via Family session with the Fajen’s go un-published! The best part of this session, wasn’t just the fact that Fawn and Mike were celebrating their wedding anniversary, it was the fact that they brought a special family member along with them.

I must introduce you to Firework, who is commonly mistaken for Firecracker (and if you make that mistake, you will most certainly be corrected by Alexia-who is the actual Firecracker). Firework has gone to dentist appointments, doctor’s appointments, snuggles in tight at bed-time, makes the best movie-time companion and not surprisingly stole the show during family pictures. She came dressed in her finest black velvet skirt with a white bow perfectly placed on her right ear-this is a bear who knows fashion for sure.

If you happen to be looking for inspiration for what to wear to your family photos, look no further.  Fawn chose maroon and navy with pops of cream that could not have gone more perfectly with the location she chose.  Alexia’s outfit had the perfect amount of texture with the fur vest and tulle skirt that tied everything together and took it all to the next level.  I sound like I’m a fashion blogger right now, don’t I?  I loved how they looked as they were walking up to the location but when I saw down to edit the pictures, I thought, OH YES!  It made editing a breeze!  I ended up giving her almost double what I normally do because everything just came together so well.  So if your session is coming up, keep this one pinned to the top of your board!