Forster Family Session| Phoenix, Arizona

desert family session

To know and be known.

It’s a common saying when referring to community. All of us have a deep desire to live and love life with people who share our passions and beliefs. Our hopes and our dreams. The Forster Family session was one of those beautiful reminders of just how impactful community really is.

Without community, I would never have had the opportunity to meet this beautiful family. Sarah and I met in a photography Facebook group that’s just been one big cheering section.  We share in each other’s successes by seeing who can share the funniest GIF and encourage each other when we just don’t know how to handle certain situations.  The best part is the answers come from servant’s hearts.  They are people whose desire is to love and serve clients (that’s you!)  They’ve made me a better person, a better photographer and a better business owner.  I’ll forever be grateful for all of them!  Sarah is just a few months into her business, and oh MAN is she crazy good. Check out her IG here —> Sarah Forster Photography.

I think the pressure rises when you photograph a fellow photographer.  I’m usually the most nervous right before their sessions!  But Sarah, TJ and that little cutie Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald you guys…as if those eyes weren’t enough to melt your heart) were a dream.  I’m not just talking about their spot on styling and their pretty smiles.  That’s the part you get to see.  What I get to see behind the scenes sends this family session straight into the “dream zone”.

As a parent, and former teacher (that part of me will never go away), I love watching parents parent their children.  Throughout the entire session both Sarah and TJ were so very present with Fitzgerald.  At 20 months old, life can get rough, especially with a crazy lady waving a minion and little snake in front of her camera.  They were both so very patient and gave little Fitzgerald just what he needed, when he needed it.  Whether it was snuggling up with mom or watching Thomas the Train with dad (thank you modern technology), shouting and cheering when he sat down on a stool by himself (be still my  heart), it’s very evident that these are two very involved parents and he is one loved little boy.

Thank you Sarah and TJ for showing the world what it’s like to be loving parents.  For putting your kiddos first.  I know that it probably seems normal to you, but I promise your ordinary is someone else’s extraordinary.



Hintz Family Session | Scottsdale, Arizona

desert family session

Desert Family Session

Meet the Hintz Family. Actually, if you’re reading this, you probably already know them!

While hiking in the the desert doesn’t often, or ever, make the list of top things they do on a Saturday night, these 4 met me out at the base of a mountain for their family session, Tieks and all. We were lucky to have dodged the bikers and hikers, but unfortunately nature attacked and I was stung by a bee for the very first time in my life. *cue the dramatic effects* Thankfully Delia’s first aid kit came to the rescue.

We all have our own stories of this beautiful family about how they have impacted our lives. They’ve walked each of us through different seasons, some sad, some joyful. They’ve brought our names before our heavenly Father and given us encouragement when we needed it the most. They’ve opened their hearts and their home to each and everyone one of us and I doubt you and I will ever forget them for it. They serve well, they love well and reflect the hope of Christ every chance they get.

I love them most for how real they are. There’s no guessing what they are thinking. There’s no discrepancies in who they are.  And I think we can all agree that Donavon and Kimber just might be the world’s best parents because Kyra and Delia are two of the sweetest girls I know.  I’ve watched them grow into beautiful young women and I hope and pray that they wait 20 years for Dax and Rowen to grow up.  Just kidding.  😉  But I do hope that my boys are lucky enough to know them when they are older.

Thank you Donavon and Kimber for giving me another glimpse into your beautiful family!  It means the world.

Desert Family Session
Desert Family Session
Desert Family Session
Desert Family Session
Desert Family Session
Desert Family Session
Desert Family Session
Desert Family Session

Goetzfried Family Session | Lost Dutchman State Park

Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session

Lost Dutchman State Park is becoming one of the most requested locations for photography sessions and it was no different for Bri, her son Landon and of course Leia, her sweet golden retriever.

As you can see, Landon has a sweet smile that is so contagious. And as you can imagine, he’s as goofy as any other six-year old boy you’ll meet.

Our session started at the beautiful desired golden hour and ended as the sunset behind the mountains along the western horizon. There is something that is indescribably magical about the desert at sunset.  Growing up in the flat plains of midwest, I would sing the line “purple mountains majesty” from one of my favorite songs, not having a clue just how majestic those mountains really are.

When I first moved to Arizona, it was hard for me to wrap my mind around how in the world the desert could be beautiful. But the longer I have lived here and the longer I have been behind the camera, traveling to various locations the more I’m sure that the desert is one of the most beautiful places to be.

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Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Lost Dutchman Family Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session
Boyce Thompson Arborteum Engagement Session

The Thompson Family | Mesa, Arizona Family Session

Mesa, Arizona Family Session


I met Donna through Amy and Jordan Demos only a few short months ago.  She and I live in the same area of Mesa so when we attended the live filming for their new business course, we became carpool buddies.  We talked for hours that week, 6 hours to be exact. (It’s a long drive to and from North Scottsdale!)  We talked about anything and everything from family to business.  To say the least, she and I became fast friends, having so much of our hearts in common.

Not long after we met, I received a message from her to do their family photos.  Is it cheesy to say that my heart leapt with joy? Because it did!

This past Saturday we met at a little gem hidden in north east Mesa.  I was finally able to put faces to the names and stories she told during our drive time.

They were just how I pictured them to be.  Passionate, driven and genuine.  But that’s not surprising considering who their momma is.  Both of her kids are really involved in athletics.  Her daughter went from gymnastics to now diving on the swim team (I love watching the videos her mom posts of her meets!)  Jared, plays college level baseball for a university here in town.  (It’s also true that he has killer dance moves.)  To say Donna loves her kids is an understatement.  She beams with pride every time she talks about them!  I think that’s one of the reasons why I admire her so much.

Her husband, Kevin, is on the city council here in Mesa.  And fun fact: He’s the representative of the district Ryan and I live in, making us love our neighborhood even more.  He’s very passionate about what he does.  He does it to make a difference.  He does it without an agenda.  He’s just a guy who wants what is best for his community.  Hearing his passion behind what he does and why he does it, definitely won our vote.

Kevin and Donna,

Ryan and I loved spending time with you all! Thank you for giving us a sweet glimpse into your life and sharing your passion for our community. Your family is absolute perfection!