About Melodee

picture taker | momma bear | lover of pretty things

She is clothed with strength and dignity;
    she can laugh at the days to come. | PROVERBS 31:25


Hey there!

I'm Melodee! 

I'm a wife and a mom to two very energetic little boys (don't let those sweet smiles fool you!) and I love all three of them with my whole heart!

I inherited my dad's ginormous heart and I love to give to the people around me.  I find such joy in blessings others!

I try to be organized and make lists but my creative mind just can't for the life of me put stuff back in the same spot where I found it.  And lists?  They don't do any good if you can't remember to actually put the item on the list in the first place! (My process driven husband is so gracious with me, haha!)

I prayed so hard that God would combine all of my passions into one neat package and He answered me by putting a camera in my hand.  When I'm not photographing people, I'm photographing food and creating recipes for bloggers.  My creative heart is so happy!

I can go on and on but I'll leave you with these TOP FIVE facts about me!

  • I'm a small town midwestern girl, living in and loving the Arizona desert
  • I make the best chocolate chip cookies on the block (at least that's what I've trained my kids to say)
  • I read every night before I go to bed
  • I'm a die hard Corvette fan (which makes my husband love me even more)
  • Jesus.  Always.